Behold <G1492> <G5628>, what manner <G4217> of love <G0026> the Father <G3962> hath bestowed <G1325> <G5758> upon us <G2254>, that <G2443> we should be called <G2564> <G5686> the sons <G5043> of God <G2316>: therefore <G1223> <G5124> the world <G2889> knoweth <G1097> <G5719> us <G2248> not <G3756>, because <G3754> it knew <G1097> <G5627> him <G0846> not <G3756>.
Beloved <G0027>, now <G3568> are we <G2070> <G5748> the sons <G5043> of God <G2316>, and <G2532> it doth <G5319> <G0000> not yet <G3768> appear <G5319> <G5681> what <G5101> we shall be <G2071> <G5704>: but <G1161> we know <G1492> <G5758> that <G3754>, when <G1437> he shall appear <G5319> <G5686>, we shall be <G2071> <G5704> like <G3664> him <G0846>; for <G3754> we shall see <G3700> <G5695> him <G0846> as <G2531> he is <G2076> <G5748>.
And <G2532> every man <G3956> that hath <G2192> <G5723> this <G5026> hope <G1680> in <G1909> him <G0846> purifieth <G0048> <G5719> himself <G1438>, even as <G2531> he <G1565> is <G2076> <G5748> pure <G0053>.
Whosoever <G3956> committeth <G4160> <G5723> sin <G0266> transgresseth <G4160> <G5719> <G0458> <G0000> also <G2532> the law <G0458>: for <G2532> sin <G0266> is <G2076> <G5748> the transgression of the law <G0458>.
And <G2532> ye know <G1492> <G5758> that <G3754> he <G1565> was manifested <G5319> <G5681> to <G2443> take away <G0142> <G5661> our <G2257> sins <G0266>; and <G2532> in <G1722> him <G0846> is <G2076> <G5748> no <G3756> sin <G0266>.
Whosoever <G3956> abideth <G3306> <G5723> in <G1722> him <G0846> sinneth <G0264> <G5719> not <G3756>: whosoever <G3956> sinneth <G0264> <G5723> hath <G3708> <G0000> not <G3756> seen <G3708> <G5758> him <G0846>, neither <G3761> known <G1097> <G5758> him <G0846>.
Little children <G5040>, let <G4105> <G0000> no man <G3367> deceive <G4105> <G5720> you <G5209>: he that doeth <G4160> <G5723> righteousness <G1343> is <G2076> <G5748> righteous <G1342>, even as <G2531> he <G1565> is <G2076> <G5748> righteous <G1342>.
He that committeth <G4160> <G5723> sin <G0266> is <G2076> <G5748> of <G1537> the devil <G1228>; for <G3754> the devil <G1228> sinneth <G0264> <G5719> from <G0575> the beginning <G0746>. For <G1519> this purpose <G5124> the Son <G5207> of God <G2316> was manifested <G5319> <G5681>, that <G2443> he might destroy <G3089> <G5661> the works <G2041> of the devil <G1228>.
Whosoever <G3956> is born <G1080> <G5772> of <G1537> God <G2316> doth <G4160> <G5719> not <G3756> commit sin <G0266>; for <G3754> his <G0846> seed <G4690> remaineth <G3306> <G5719> in <G1722> him <G0846>: and <G2532> he cannot <G3756> <G1410> <G5736> sin <G0264> <G5721>, because <G3754> he is born <G1080> <G5769> of <G1537> God <G2316>.
In <G1722> this <G5129> the children <G5043> of God <G2316> are <G2076> <G5748> manifest <G5318>, and <G2532> the children <G5043> of the devil <G1228>: whosoever <G3956> doeth <G4160> <G5723> not <G3361> righteousness <G1343> is <G2076> <G5748> not <G3756> of <G1537> God <G2316>, neither <G2532> he that loveth <G0025> <G5723> not <G3361> his <G0848> brother <G0080>.
For <G3754> this <G3778> is <G2076> <G5748> the message <G0031> that <G3739> ye heard <G0191> <G5656> from <G0575> the beginning <G0746>, that <G2443> we should love <G0025> <G5725> one another <G0240>.
Not <G3756> as <G2531> Cain <G2535>, [who] was <G2258> <G5713> of <G1537> that wicked one <G4190>, and <G2532> slew <G4969> <G5656> his <G0848> brother <G0080>. And <G2532> wherefore <G5484> <G5101> slew <G4969> <G5656> he him <G0846>? Because <G3754> his own <G0846> works <G2041> were <G2258> <G5713> evil <G4190>, and <G1161> his <G0846> brother's <G0080> righteous <G1342>.
Marvel <G2296> <G5720> not <G3361>, my <G3450> brethren <G0080>, if <G1487> the world <G2889> hate <G3404> <G5719> you <G5209>.
We know <G1492> <G5758> that <G3754> we <G2249> have passed <G3327> <G5758> from <G1537> death <G2288> unto <G1519> life <G2222>, because <G3754> we love <G0025> <G5719> the brethren <G0080>. He that loveth <G0025> <G5723> not <G3361> [his] brother <G0080> abideth <G3306> <G5719> in <G1722> death <G2288>.
Whosoever <G3956> hateth <G3404> <G5723> his <G0848> brother <G0080> is <G2076> <G5748> a murderer <G0443>: and <G2532> ye know <G1492> <G5758> that <G3754> no <G3756> <G3956> murderer <G0443> hath <G2192> <G5719> eternal <G0166> life <G2222> abiding <G3306> <G5723> in <G1722> him <G0846>.
Hereby <G1722> <G5129> perceive we <G1097> <G5758> the love <G0026> [of God], because <G3754> he <G1565> laid down <G5087> <G5656> his <G0848> life <G5590> for <G5228> us <G2257>: and <G2532> we <G2249> ought <G3784> <G5719> to lay down <G5087> <G5721> [our] lives <G5590> for <G5228> the brethren <G0080>.
But <G1161> whoso <G3739> <G0302> hath <G2192> <G5725> this world's <G2889> good <G0979>, and <G2532> seeth <G2334> <G5725> his <G0848> brother <G0080> have <G2192> <G5723> need <G5532>, and <G2532> shutteth up <G2808> <G5661> his <G0848> bowels <G4698> [of compassion] from <G0575> him <G0846>, how <G4459> dwelleth <G3306> <G5719> the love <G0026> of God <G2316> in <G1722> him <G0846>?
My <G3450> little children <G5040>, let us <G0025> <G0000> not <G3361> love <G0025> <G5725> in word <G3056>, neither <G3366> in tongue <G1100>; but <G0235> in deed <G2041> and <G2532> in truth <G0225>.
And <G2532> hereby <G1722> <G5129> we know <G1097> <G5719> that <G3754> we are <G2070> <G5748> of <G1537> the truth <G0225>, and <G2532> shall assure <G3982> <G5692> our <G2257> hearts <G2588> before <G1715> him <G0846>.
For <G3754> if <G1437> our <G2257> heart <G2588> condemn us <G2607> <G5725>, <G3754> God <G2316> is <G2076> <G5748> greater <G3187> than our <G2257> heart <G2588>, and <G2532> knoweth <G1097> <G5719> all things <G3956>.
Beloved <G0027>, if <G3362> <G0000> our <G2257> heart <G2588> condemn <G2607> <G5725> us <G2257> not <G3362>, [then] have we <G2192> <G5719> confidence <G3954> toward <G4314> God <G2316>.
And <G2532> whatsoever <G3739> <G1437> we ask <G0154> <G5725>, we receive <G2983> <G5719> of <G3844> him <G0846>, because <G3754> we keep <G5083> <G5719> his <G0846> commandments <G1785>, and <G2532> do <G4160> <G5719> those things that are pleasing <G0701> in his <G0846> sight <G1799>.
And <G2532> this <G3778> is <G2076> <G5748> his <G0846> commandment <G1785>, That <G2443> we should believe <G4100> <G5661> on the name <G3686> of his <G0846> Son <G5207> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547>, and <G2532> love <G0025> <G5725> one another <G0240>, as <G2531> he gave <G1325> <G5656> us <G2254> commandment <G1785>.
And <G2532> he that keepeth <G5083> <G5723> his <G0846> commandments <G1785> dwelleth <G3306> <G5719> in <G1722> him <G0846>, and <G2532> he <G0846> in <G1722> him <G0846>. And <G2532> hereby <G1722> <G5129> we know <G1097> <G5719> that <G3754> he abideth <G3306> <G5719> in <G1722> us <G2254>, by <G1537> the Spirit <G4151> which <G3739> he hath given <G1325> <G5656> us <G2254>.