Josiah <H2977> [was] eight <H8083> years <H8141> old <H1121> when he began to reign, <H4427> and he reigned <H4427> in Jerusalem <H3389> one <H0259> and thirty <H7970> years. <H8141>
And he did <H6213> [that which was] right <H3477> in the sight <H5869> of the LORD, <H3068> and walked <H3212> in the ways <H1870> of David <H1732> his father, <H0001> and declined <H5493> [neither] to the right hand, <H3225> nor to the left. <H8040>
For in the eighth <H8083> year <H8141> of his reign, <H4427> while he was yet young, <H5288> he began <H2490> to seek <H1875> after the God <H0430> of David <H1732> his father: <H0001> and in the twelfth <H8147> <H6240> year <H8141> he began <H2490> to purge <H2891> Judah <H3063> and Jerusalem <H3389> from the high places, <H1116> and the groves, <H0842> and the carved images, <H6456> and the molten images. <H4541>
And they brake down <H5422> the altars <H4196> of Baalim <H1168> in his presence; <H6440> and the images, <H2553> that [were] on high above them, <H4605> he cut down; <H1438> and the groves, <H0842> and the carved images, <H6456> and the molten images, <H4541> he brake in pieces, <H7665> and made dust <H1854> [of them], and strowed <H2236> [it] upon <H6440> the graves <H6913> of them that had sacrificed <H2076> unto them.
And he burnt <H8313> the bones <H6106> of the priests <H3548> upon their altars, <H4196> and cleansed <H2891> Judah <H3063> and Jerusalem. <H3389>
And [so did he] in the cities <H5892> of Manasseh, <H4519> and Ephraim, <H0669> and Simeon, <H8095> even unto Naphtali, <H5321> with their mattocks <H2719> round about. <H5439>
And when he had broken down <H5422> the altars <H4196> and the groves, <H0842> and had beaten <H3807> the graven images <H6456> into powder, <H1854> and cut down <H1438> all the idols <H2553> throughout all the land <H0776> of Israel, <H3478> he returned <H7725> to Jerusalem. <H3389>
Now in the eighteenth <H8083> <H6240> year <H8141> of his reign, <H4427> when he had purged <H2891> the land, <H0776> and the house, <H1004> he sent <H7971> Shaphan <H8227> the son <H1121> of Azaliah, <H0683> and Maaseiah <H4641> the governor <H8269> of the city, <H5892> and Joah <H3098> the son <H1121> of Joahaz <H3099> the recorder, <H2142> to repair <H2388> the house <H1004> of the LORD <H3068> his God. <H0430>
And when they came <H0935> to Hilkiah <H2518> the high <H1419> priest, <H3548> they delivered <H5414> the money <H3701> that was brought into <H0935> the house <H1004> of God, <H0430> which the Levites <H3881> that kept <H8104> the doors <H5592> had gathered <H0622> of the hand <H3027> of Manasseh <H4519> and Ephraim, <H0669> and of all the remnant <H7611> of Israel, <H3478> and of all Judah <H3063> and Benjamin; <H1144> and they returned <H7725> to Jerusalem. <H3389>
And they put <H5414> [it] in the hand <H3027> of the workmen <H6213> <H4399> that had the oversight <H6485> of the house <H1004> of the LORD, <H3068> and they gave <H5414> it to the workmen <H6213> <H4399> that wrought <H6213> in the house <H1004> of the LORD, <H3068> to repair <H0918> and amend <H2388> the house: <H1004>
Even to the artificers <H2796> and builders <H1129> gave <H5414> they [it], to buy <H7069> hewn <H4274> stone, <H0068> and timber <H6086> for couplings, <H4226> and to floor <H7136> the houses <H1004> which the kings <H4428> of Judah <H3063> had destroyed. <H7843>
And the men <H0582> did <H6213> the work <H4399> faithfully: <H0530> and the overseers <H6485> of them [were] Jahath <H3189> and Obadiah, <H5662> the Levites, <H3881> of the sons <H1121> of Merari; <H4847> and Zechariah <H2148> and Meshullam, <H4918> of the sons <H1121> of the Kohathites, <H6956> to set [it] forward; <H5329> and [other of] the Levites, <H3881> all that could skill <H0995> of instruments <H3627> of musick. <H7892>
Also [they were] over the bearers of burdens, <H5449> and [were] overseers <H5329> of all that wrought <H6213> the work <H4399> in any manner of service: <H5656> <H5656> and of the Levites <H3881> [there were] scribes, <H5608> and officers, <H7860> and porters. <H7778>
And when they brought out <H3318> the money <H3701> that was brought into <H0935> the house <H1004> of the LORD, <H3068> Hilkiah <H2518> the priest <H3548> found <H4672> a book <H5612> of the law <H8451> of the LORD <H3068> [given] by <H3027> Moses. <H4872>
And Hilkiah <H2518> answered <H6030> and said <H0559> to Shaphan <H8227> the scribe, <H5608> I have found <H4672> the book <H5612> of the law <H8451> in the house <H1004> of the LORD. <H3068> And Hilkiah <H2518> delivered <H5414> the book <H5612> to Shaphan. <H8227>
And Shaphan <H8227> carried <H0935> the book <H5612> to the king, <H4428> and brought the king <H4428> word <H1697> back again, <H7725> saying, <H0559> All that was committed <H5414> to <H3027> thy servants, <H5650> they do <H6213> [it].
And they have gathered together <H5413> the money <H3701> that was found <H4672> in the house <H1004> of the LORD, <H3068> and have delivered <H5414> it into the hand <H3027> of the overseers, <H6485> and to the hand <H3027> of the workmen. <H6213> <H4399>
Then Shaphan <H8227> the scribe <H5608> told <H5046> the king, <H4428> saying, <H0559> Hilkiah <H2518> the priest <H3548> hath given <H5414> me a book. <H5612> And Shaphan <H8227> read <H7121> it before <H6440> the king. <H4428>
And it came to pass, when the king <H4428> had heard <H8085> the words <H1697> of the law, <H8451> that he rent <H7167> his clothes. <H0899>
And the king <H4428> commanded <H6680> Hilkiah, <H2518> and Ahikam <H0296> the son <H1121> of Shaphan, <H8227> and Abdon <H5658> the son <H1121> of Micah, <H4318> and Shaphan <H8227> the scribe, <H5608> and Asaiah <H6222> a servant <H5650> of the king's, <H4428> saying, <H0559>
Go, <H3212> enquire <H1875> of the LORD <H3068> for me, and for them that are left <H7604> in Israel <H3478> and in Judah, <H3063> concerning the words <H1697> of the book <H5612> that is found: <H4672> for great <H1419> [is] the wrath <H2534> of the LORD <H3068> that is poured out <H5413> upon us, because our fathers <H0001> have not kept <H8104> the word <H1697> of the LORD, <H3068> to do <H6213> after all that is written <H3789> in this book. <H5612>
And Hilkiah, <H2518> and [they] that the king <H4428> [had appointed], went <H3212> to Huldah <H2468> the prophetess, <H5031> the wife <H0802> of Shallum <H7967> the son <H1121> of Tikvath, <H8616> <H8445> the son <H1121> of Hasrah, <H2641> keeper <H8104> of the wardrobe; <H0899> (now she dwelt <H3427> in Jerusalem <H3389> in the college:) <H4932> and they spake <H1696> to her to that [effect].
And she answered <H0559> them, Thus saith <H0559> the LORD <H3068> God <H0430> of Israel, <H3478> Tell <H0559> ye the man <H0376> that sent <H7971> you to me,
Thus saith <H0559> the LORD, <H3068> Behold, I will bring <H0935> evil <H7451> upon this place, <H4725> and upon the inhabitants <H3427> thereof, [even] all the curses <H0423> that are written <H3789> in the book <H5612> which they have read <H7121> before <H6440> the king <H4428> of Judah: <H3063>
Because they have forsaken <H5800> me, and have burned incense <H6999> unto other <H0312> gods, <H0430> that they might provoke me to anger <H3707> with all the works <H4639> of their hands; <H3027> therefore my wrath <H2534> shall be poured out <H5413> upon this place, <H4725> and shall not be quenched. <H3518>
And as for <H0413> the king <H4428> of Judah, <H3063> who sent <H7971> you to enquire <H1875> of the LORD, <H3068> so shall ye say <H0559> unto him, Thus saith <H0559> the LORD <H3068> God <H0430> of Israel <H3478> [concerning] the words <H1697> which thou hast heard; <H8085>
Because thine heart <H3824> was tender, <H7401> and thou didst humble <H3665> thyself before <H6440> God, <H0430> when thou heardest <H8085> his words <H1697> against this place, <H4725> and against the inhabitants <H3427> thereof, and humbledst <H3665> thyself before <H6440> me, and didst rend <H7167> thy clothes, <H0899> and weep <H1058> before <H6440> me; I have even heard <H8085> [thee] also, saith <H5002> the LORD. <H3068>
Behold, I will gather <H0622> thee to thy fathers, <H0001> and thou shalt be gathered <H0622> to thy grave <H6913> in peace, <H7965> neither shall thine eyes <H5869> see <H7200> all the evil <H7451> that I will bring <H0935> upon this place, <H4725> and upon the inhabitants <H3427> of the same. So they brought the king <H4428> word <H1697> again. <H7725>
Then the king <H4428> sent <H7971> and gathered <H0622> together all the elders <H2205> of Judah <H3063> and Jerusalem. <H3389>
And the king <H4428> went up <H5927> into the house <H1004> of the LORD, <H3068> and all the men <H0376> of Judah, <H3063> and the inhabitants <H3427> of Jerusalem, <H3389> and the priests, <H3548> and the Levites, <H3881> and all the people, <H5971> great <H1419> and small: <H6996> and he read <H7121> in their ears <H0241> all the words <H1697> of the book <H5612> of the covenant <H1285> that was found <H4672> in the house <H1004> of the LORD. <H3068>
And the king <H4428> stood <H5975> in his place, <H5977> and made <H3772> a covenant <H1285> before <H6440> the LORD, <H3068> to walk <H3212> after <H0310> the LORD, <H3068> and to keep <H8104> his commandments, <H4687> and his testimonies, <H5715> and his statutes, <H2706> with all his heart, <H3824> and with all his soul, <H5315> to perform <H6213> the words <H1697> of the covenant <H1285> which are written <H3789> in this book. <H5612>
And he caused all that were present <H4672> in Jerusalem <H3389> and Benjamin <H1144> to stand <H5975> [to it]. And the inhabitants <H3427> of Jerusalem <H3389> did <H6213> according to the covenant <H1285> of God, <H0430> the God <H0430> of their fathers. <H0001>
And Josiah <H2977> took away <H5493> all the abominations <H8441> out of all the countries <H0776> that [pertained] to the children <H1121> of Israel, <H3478> and made all that were present <H4672> in Israel <H3478> to serve, <H5647> [even] to serve <H5647> the LORD <H3068> their God. <H0430> [And] all his days <H3117> they departed <H5493> not from following <H0310> the LORD, <H3068> the God <H0430> of their fathers. <H0001>