And <G1161> Paul <G3972>, earnestly beholding <G0816> <G5660> the council <G4892>, said <G2036> <G5627>, Men <G0435> [and] brethren <G0080>, I <G1473> have lived <G4176> <G5769> in all <G3956> good <G0018> conscience <G4893> before God <G2316> until <G0891> this <G5026> day <G2250>.
And <G1161> the high priest <G0749> Ananias <G0367> commanded <G2004> <G5656> them that stood by <G3936> <G5761> him <G0848> to smite <G5180> <G5721> him <G0846> on the mouth <G4750>.
Then <G5119> said <G2036> <G5627> Paul <G3972> unto <G4314> him <G0846>, God <G2316> shall <G3195> <G5719> smite <G5180> <G5721> thee <G4571>, [thou] whited <G2867> <G5772> wall <G5109>: for <G2532> sittest <G2521> <G5736> thou <G4771> to judge <G2919> <G5723> me <G3165> after <G2596> the law <G3551>, and <G2532> commandest <G2753> <G5719> me <G3165> to be smitten <G5180> <G5745> contrary to the law <G3891> <G5723>?
And <G1161> they that stood by <G3936> <G5761> said <G2036> <G5627>, Revilest thou <G3058> <G5719> God's <G2316> high priest <G0749>?
Then <G5037> said <G5346> <G5713> Paul <G3972>, I wist <G1492> <G5715> not <G3756>, brethren <G0080>, that <G3754> he was <G2076> <G5748> the high priest <G0749>: for <G1063> it is written <G1125> <G5769>, Thou shalt <G2046> <G0000> not <G3756> speak <G2046> <G5692> evil <G2560> of the ruler <G0758> of thy <G4675> people <G2992>.
But <G1161> when Paul <G3972> perceived <G1097> <G5631> that <G3754> the one <G1520> part <G3313> were <G2076> <G5748> Sadducees <G4523>, and <G1161> the other <G2087> Pharisees <G5330>, he cried out <G2896> <G5656> in <G1722> the council <G4892>, Men <G0435> [and] brethren <G0080>, I <G1473> am <G1510> <G5748> a Pharisee <G5330>, the son <G5207> of a Pharisee <G5330>: of <G4012> the hope <G1680> and <G2532> resurrection <G0386> of the dead <G3498> I <G1473> am called in question <G2919> <G5743>.
And <G1161> when he had <G2980> <G0000> so <G5124> said <G2980> <G5660>, there arose <G1096> <G5633> a dissension <G4714> between the Pharisees <G5330> and <G2532> the Sadducees <G4523>: and <G2532> the multitude <G4128> was divided <G4977> <G5681>.
For <G1063> <G3303> the Sadducees <G4523> say <G3004> <G5719> that there is <G1511> <G5750> no <G3361> resurrection <G0386>, neither <G3366> angel <G0032>, nor <G3383> spirit <G4151>: but <G1161> the Pharisees <G5330> confess <G3670> <G5719> both <G0297>.
And <G1161> there arose <G1096> <G5633> a great <G3173> cry <G2906>: and <G2532> the scribes <G1122> [that were] of the Pharisees <G5330>' part <G3313> arose <G0450> <G5631>, and strove <G1264> <G5711>, saying <G3004> <G5723>, We find <G2147> <G5719> no <G3762> evil <G2556> in <G1722> this <G5129> man <G0444>: but <G1161> if <G1487> a spirit <G4151> or <G2228> an angel <G0032> hath spoken <G2980> <G5656> to him <G0846>, let us <G2313> <G0000> not <G3361> fight <G2313> <G5725> against God.
And <G1161> when there arose <G1096> <G5637> a great <G4183> dissension <G4714>, the chief captain <G5506>, fearing <G2125> <G5685> lest <G3361> Paul <G3972> should have been pulled in pieces <G1288> <G5686> of <G5259> them <G0846>, commanded <G2753> <G5656> the soldiers <G4753> to go down <G2597> <G5631>, and to take <G0726> <G0000> him <G0846> by force <G0726> <G5658> from <G1537> among <G3319> them <G0846>, and <G5037> to bring <G0071> <G5721> [him] into <G1519> the castle <G3925>.
And <G1161> the night <G3571> following <G1966> <G5752> the Lord <G2962> stood by <G2186> <G5631> him <G0846>, and said <G2036> <G5627>, Be of good cheer <G2293> <G5720>, Paul <G3972>: for <G1063> as <G5613> thou hast testified <G1263> <G5662> of <G4012> me <G1700> in <G1519> Jerusalem <G2419>, so <G3779> must <G1163> <G5748> thou <G4571> bear witness <G3140> <G5658> also <G2532> at <G1519> Rome <G4516>.
And <G1161> when it was <G1096> <G5637> day <G2250>, certain <G5100> of the Jews <G2453> banded together <G4160> <G5660> <G4963>, and bound <G0332> <G0000> themselves <G1438> under a curse <G0332> <G5656>, saying <G3004> <G5723> that they would <G5315> <G0000> neither <G3383> eat <G5315> <G5629> nor <G3383> drink <G4095> <G5629> till <G2193> they had killed <G0615> <G5725> Paul <G3972>.
And <G1161> they were <G2258> <G5713> more than <G4119> forty <G5062> which <G3588> had made <G4160> <G5761> this <G5026> conspiracy <G4945>.
And they <G3748> came to <G4334> <G5631> the chief priests <G0749> and <G2532> elders <G4245>, and said <G2036> <G5627>, We have bound <G0332> <G5656> ourselves <G1438> under a great curse <G0331>, that we will eat <G1089> <G5664> nothing <G3367> until <G2193> <G3739> we have slain <G0615> <G5725> Paul <G3972>.
Now <G3568> therefore <G3767> ye <G5210> with <G4862> the council <G4892> signify <G1718> <G5657> to the chief captain <G5506> that <G3704> he bring <G2609> <G0000> him <G0846> down <G2609> <G5632> unto <G4314> you <G5209> to morrow <G0839>, as <G5613> though ye would <G3195> <G5723> enquire <G1231> <G5721> something more perfectly <G0197> concerning <G4012> him <G0846>: and <G1161> we <G2249>, or ever <G4253> he <G0846> come near <G1448> <G5658>, are <G2070> <G5748> ready <G2092> to kill <G0337> <G5629> him <G0846>.
And <G1161> when Paul's <G3972> sister's <G0079> son <G5207> heard <G0191> <G5660> of their lying in wait <G1749>, he went <G3854> <G5637> and <G2532> entered <G1525> <G5631> into <G1519> the castle <G3925>, and told <G0518> <G5656> Paul <G3972>.
Then <G1161> Paul <G3972> called <G4341> <G5666> one <G1520> of the centurions <G1543> unto [him], and said <G5346> <G5713>, Bring <G0520> <G5628> this <G5126> young man <G3494> unto <G4314> the chief captain <G5506>: for <G1063> he hath <G2192> <G5719> a certain thing <G5100> to tell <G0518> <G5658> him <G0846>.
So <G3767> <G3303> he took <G3880> <G5631> him <G0846>, and brought <G0071> <G5627> [him] to <G4314> the chief captain <G5506>, and <G2532> said <G5346> <G5748>, Paul <G3972> the prisoner <G1198> called <G4341> <G5666> me <G3165> unto [him], and prayed me <G2065> <G5656> to bring <G0071> <G5629> this <G5126> young man <G3494> unto <G4314> thee <G4571>, who hath <G2192> <G5723> something <G5100> to say <G2980> <G5658> unto thee <G4671>.
Then <G1161> the chief captain <G5506> took <G1949> <G5637> him <G0846> by the hand <G5495>, and <G2532> went [with him] aside <G0402> <G5660> privately <G2596> <G2398>, and asked <G4441> <G5711> [him], What <G5101> is <G2076> <G5748> that thou hast <G2192> <G5719> to tell <G0518> <G5658> me <G3427>?
And <G1161> he said <G2036> <G5627>, <G3754> The Jews <G2453> have agreed <G4934> <G5639> to desire <G2065> <G5658> thee <G4571> that <G3704> thou wouldest bring down <G2609> <G5632> Paul <G3972> to morrow <G0839> into <G1519> the council <G4892>, as <G5613> though they would <G3195> <G5723> enquire <G4441> <G5738> somewhat <G5100> of <G4012> him <G0846> more perfectly <G0197>.
But <G3767> do <G3982> <G0000> not <G3361> thou <G4771> yield <G3982> <G5686> unto them <G0846>: for <G1063> there lie in wait for <G1748> <G5719> him <G0846> of <G1537> them <G0846> more than <G4119> forty <G5062> men <G0435>, which <G3748> have bound <G0332> <G0000> themselves <G1438> with an oath <G0332> <G5656>, that they will <G5315> <G0000> neither <G3383> eat <G5315> <G5629> nor <G3383> drink <G4095> <G5629> till <G2193> they have killed <G0337> <G5661> him <G0846>: and <G2532> now <G3568> are they <G1526> <G5748> ready <G2092>, looking for <G4327> <G5740> a promise <G1860> from <G0575> thee <G4675>.
So <G3303> <G3767> the chief captain <G5506> [then] let <G0630> <G0000> the young man <G3494> depart <G0630> <G5656>, and charged <G3853> <G5660> [him, See thou] tell <G1583> <G5658> no man <G3367> that <G3754> thou hast shewed <G1718> <G5656> these things <G5023> to <G4314> me <G3165>.
And <G2532> he called unto <G4341> <G5666> [him] <G5100> two <G1417> centurions <G1543>, saying <G2036> <G5627>, Make ready <G2090> <G5657> two hundred <G1250> soldiers <G4757> to <G3704> go <G4198> <G5680> to <G2193> Caesarea <G2542>, and <G2532> horsemen <G2460> threescore and ten <G1440>, and <G2532> spearmen <G1187> two hundred <G1250>, at <G0575> the third <G5154> hour <G5610> of the night <G3571>;
And <G5037> provide <G3936> <G5658> [them] beasts <G2934>, that <G2443> they may set <G1913> <G0000> Paul <G3972> on <G1913> <G5660>, and bring [him] safe <G1295> <G5661> unto <G4314> Felix <G5344> the governor <G2232>.
And he wrote <G1125> <G5660> a letter <G1992> after <G4023> <G5723> this <G5126> manner <G5179>:
Claudius <G2804> Lysias <G3079> unto the most excellent <G2903> governor <G2232> Felix <G5344> [sendeth] greeting <G5463> <G5721>.
This <G5126> man <G0435> was taken <G4815> <G5685> of <G5259> the Jews <G2453>, and <G2532> should <G3195> <G5723> have been killed <G0337> <G5745> of <G5259> them <G0846>: then came I <G2186> <G5631> with <G4862> an army <G4753>, and rescued <G1807> <G5639> him <G0846>, having understood <G3129> <G5631> that <G3754> he was <G2076> <G5748> a Roman <G4514>.
And <G1161> when <G1014> <G0000> I would <G1014> <G5740> have known <G1097> <G5629> the cause <G0156> wherefore <G1223> <G3739> they accused <G1458> <G5707> him <G0846>, I brought <G2609> <G0000> him <G0846> forth <G2609> <G5627> into <G1519> their <G0846> council <G4892>:
Whom <G3739> I perceived <G2147> <G5627> to be accused <G1458> <G5746> of <G4012> questions <G2213> of their <G0846> law <G3551>, but <G1161> to have <G2192> <G5723> nothing <G3367> laid to his charge <G1462> worthy <G0514> of death <G2288> or <G2228> of bonds <G1199>.
And <G1161> when it was told <G3377> <G5685> me <G3427> how that <G5259> the Jews <G2453> laid wait <G1917> <G3195> <G5721> <G1510> <G5705> for <G1519> the man <G0435>, I sent <G3992> <G5656> straightway <G1824> to <G4314> thee <G4571>, and gave commandment <G3853> <G5660> to his accusers <G2725> also <G2532> to say <G3004> <G5721> before <G1909> thee <G4675> what [they had] against <G4314> him <G0846>. Farewell <G4517> <G5770>.
Then <G3767> <G3303> the soldiers <G4757>, as <G2596> it was commanded <G1299> <G5772> them <G0846>, took <G0353> <G5631> Paul <G3972>, and brought <G0071> <G5627> [him] by <G1223> night <G3571> to <G1519> Antipatris <G0494>.
On the morrow <G1887> they left <G1439> <G5660> the horsemen <G2460> to go <G4198> <G5738> with <G4862> him <G0846>, and returned <G5290> <G5656> to <G1519> the castle <G3925>:
Who <G3748>, when they came <G1525> <G5631> to <G1519> Caesarea <G2542>, and <G2532> delivered <G0325> <G5631> the epistle <G1992> to the governor <G2232>, presented <G3936> <G5656> Paul <G3972> also <G2532> before him <G0846>.
And <G1161> when the governor <G2232> had read <G0314> <G5631> [the letter], <G2532> he asked <G1905> <G5660> of <G1537> what <G4169> province <G1885> he was <G2076> <G5748>. And <G2532> when he understood <G4441> <G5637> that <G3754> [he was] of <G0575> Cilicia <G2791>;
I will hear <G1251> <G5695> thee <G4675>, said he <G5346> <G5713>, when <G3752> thine <G4675> accusers <G2725> are <G3854> <G0000> also <G2532> come <G3854> <G5638>. And <G5037> he commanded <G2753> <G5656> him <G0846> to be kept <G5442> <G5733> in <G1722> Herod's <G2264> judgment hall <G4232>.