Paul <G3972>, an apostle <G0652> of Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547> by <G1223> the will <G2307> of God <G2316>, to the saints <G0040> which are <G5607> <G5752> at <G1722> Ephesus <G2181>, and <G2532> to the faithful <G4103> in <G1722> Christ <G5547> Jesus <G2424>:
Grace <G5485> [be] to you <G5213>, and <G2532> peace <G1515>, from <G0575> God <G2316> our <G2257> Father <G3962>, and <G2532> [from] the Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547>.
Blessed <G2128> [be] the God <G2316> and <G2532> Father <G3962> of our <G2257> Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547>, who <G3588> hath blessed <G2127> <G5660> us <G2248> with <G1722> all <G3956> spiritual <G4152> blessings <G2129> in <G1722> heavenly <G2032> [places] in <G1722> Christ <G5547>:
According as <G2531> he hath chosen <G1586> <G5668> us <G2248> in <G1722> him <G0846> before <G4253> the foundation <G2602> of the world <G2889>, that we <G2248> should be <G1511> <G5750> holy <G0040> and <G2532> without blame <G0299> before <G2714> him <G0846> in <G1722> love <G0026>:
Having predestinated <G4309> <G5660> us <G2248> unto <G1519> the adoption of children <G5206> by <G1223> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547> to <G1519> himself <G0848>, according <G2596> to the good pleasure <G2107> of his <G0848> will <G2307>,
To <G1519> the praise <G1868> of the glory <G1391> of his <G0848> grace <G5485>, wherein <G1722> <G3739> he hath made <G5487> <G0000> us <G2248> accepted <G5487> <G5656> in <G1722> the beloved <G0025> <G5772>.
In <G1722> whom <G3739> we have <G2192> <G5719> redemption <G0629> through <G1223> his <G0846> blood <G0129>, the forgiveness <G0859> of sins <G3900>, according <G2596> to the riches <G4149> of his <G0846> grace <G5485>;
Wherein <G3739> he hath abounded <G4052> <G5656> toward <G1519> us <G2248> in <G1722> all <G3956> wisdom <G4678> and <G2532> prudence <G5428>;
Having made known <G1107> <G5660> unto us <G2254> the mystery <G3466> of his <G0848> will <G2307>, according to <G2596> his <G0848> good pleasure <G2107> which <G3739> he hath purposed <G4388> <G5639> in <G1722> himself <G0848>:
That in <G1519> the dispensation <G3622> of the fulness <G4138> of times <G2540> he might gather together in one <G0346> <G5664> all things <G3956> in <G1722> Christ <G5547>, both <G5037> which <G3588> are in <G1722> heaven <G3772>, and <G2532> which <G3588> are on <G1909> earth <G1093>; [even] in <G1722> him <G0846>:
In <G1722> whom <G3739> also <G2532> we have obtained an inheritance <G2820> <G5681>, being predestinated <G4309> <G5685> according to <G2596> the purpose <G4286> of him who worketh <G1754> <G5723> all things <G3956> after <G2596> the counsel <G1012> of his own <G0848> will <G2307>:
That <G1519> we <G2248> should be <G1511> <G5750> to <G1519> the praise <G1868> of his <G0846> glory <G1391>, who <G3588> first trusted <G4276> <G5761> in <G1722> Christ <G5547>.
In <G1722> whom <G3739> ye <G5210> also <G2532> [trusted], after that ye heard <G0191> <G5660> the word <G3056> of truth <G0225>, the gospel <G2098> of your <G5216> salvation <G4991>: in <G1722> whom <G3739> also <G2532> after that ye believed <G4100> <G5660>, ye were sealed with <G4972> <G5681> that holy <G0040> Spirit <G4151> of promise <G1860>,
Which <G3739> is <G2076> <G5748> the earnest <G0728> of our <G2257> inheritance <G2817> until <G1519> the redemption <G0629> of the purchased possession <G4047>, unto <G1519> the praise <G1868> of his <G0846> glory <G1391>.
Wherefore <G1223> <G5124> I also <G2504>, after I heard <G0191> <G5660> of <G2596> your <G5209> faith <G4102> in <G1722> the Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424>, and <G2532> love <G0026> unto <G1519> all <G3956> the saints <G0040>,
Cease <G3973> <G5731> not <G3756> to give thanks <G2168> <G5723> for <G5228> you <G5216>, making <G4160> <G5734> mention <G3417> of you <G5216> in <G1909> my <G3450> prayers <G4335>;
That <G2443> the God <G2316> of our <G2257> Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547>, the Father <G3962> of glory <G1391>, may give <G1325> <G5632> <G5630> unto you <G5213> the spirit <G4151> of wisdom <G4678> and <G2532> revelation <G0602> in <G1722> the knowledge <G1922> of him <G0848>:
The eyes <G3788> of your <G5216> understanding <G1271> being enlightened <G5461> <G5772>; that <G1519> ye <G5209> may know <G1492> <G5760> what <G5101> is <G2076> <G5748> the hope <G1680> of his <G0846> calling <G2821>, and <G2532> what <G5101> the riches <G4149> of the glory <G1391> of his <G0846> inheritance <G2817> in <G1722> the saints <G0040>,
And <G2532> what <G5101> [is] the exceeding <G5235> <G5723> greatness <G3174> of his <G0846> power <G1411> to <G1519> us-ward <G2248> who <G3588> believe <G4100> <G5723>, according to <G2596> the working <G1753> of his <G0846> mighty <G2479> power <G2904>,
Which <G3739> he wrought <G1754> <G5656> in <G1722> Christ <G5547>, when he raised <G1453> <G5660> him <G0846> from <G1537> the dead <G3498>, and <G2532> set <G2523> <G5656> [him] at <G1722> his own <G0848> right hand <G1188> in <G1722> the heavenly <G2032> [places],
Far above <G5231> all <G3956> principality <G0746>, and <G2532> power <G1849>, and <G2532> might <G1411>, and <G2532> dominion <G2963>, and <G2532> every <G3956> name <G3686> that is named <G3687> <G5746>, not <G3756> only <G3440> in <G1722> this <G5129> world <G0165>, but <G0235> also <G2532> in <G1722> that which is to come <G3195> <G5723>:
And <G2532> hath put <G5293> <G5656> all <G3956> [things] under <G5259> his <G0846> feet <G4228>, and <G2532> gave <G1325> <G5656> him <G0846> [to be] the head <G2776> over <G5228> all <G3956> [things] to the church <G1577>,
Which <G3748> is <G2076> <G5748> his <G0846> body <G4983>, the fulness <G4138> of him that filleth <G4137> <G5734> all <G3956> in <G1722> all <G3956>.