Brethren <G0080>, if <G1437> <G2532> a man <G0444> be overtaken <G4301> <G5686> in <G1722> a <G5100> fault <G3900>, ye <G5210> which <G3588> are spiritual <G4152>, restore <G2675> <G5720> such an one <G5108> in <G1722> the spirit <G4151> of meekness <G4236>; considering <G4648> <G5723> thyself <G4572>, lest <G3361> thou <G4771> also <G2532> be tempted <G3985> <G5686>.
Bear ye <G0941> <G5720> one another's <G0240> burdens <G0922>, and <G2532> so <G3779> fulfil <G0378> <G5657> the law <G3551> of Christ <G5547>.
For <G1063> if a man <G1536> think himself <G1380> <G5719> to be <G1511> <G5750> something <G5100>, when he is <G5607> <G5752> nothing <G3367>, he deceiveth <G5422> <G5719> himself <G1438>.
But <G1161> let <G1381> <G0000> every man <G1538> prove <G1381> <G5720> his own <G1438> work <G2041>, and <G2532> then <G5119> shall he have <G2192> <G5692> rejoicing <G2745> in <G1519> himself <G1438> alone <G3441>, and <G2532> not <G3756> in <G1519> another <G2087>.
For <G1063> every man <G1538> shall bear <G0941> <G5692> his own <G2398> burden <G5413>.
Let <G1161> him that is taught <G2727> <G5746> in the word <G3056> communicate <G2841> <G5720> unto him that teacheth <G2727> <G5723> in <G1722> all <G3956> good things <G0018>.
Be <G4105> <G0000> not <G3361> deceived <G4105> <G5744>; God <G2316> is <G3456> <G0000> not <G3756> mocked <G3456> <G5743>: for <G1063> whatsoever <G1437> a man <G0444> soweth <G4687> <G5725>, that <G5124> shall he <G2325> <G0000> also <G2532> reap <G2325> <G5692>.
For <G3754> he that soweth <G4687> <G5723> to <G1519> his <G1438> flesh <G4561> shall <G2325> <G0000> of <G1537> the flesh <G4561> reap <G2325> <G5692> corruption <G5356>; but <G1161> he that soweth <G4687> <G5723> to <G1519> the Spirit <G4151> shall <G2325> <G0000> of <G1537> the Spirit <G4151> reap <G2325> <G5692> life <G2222> everlasting <G0166>.
And <G1161> let us <G1573> <G0000> not <G3361> be weary <G1573> <G5725> in well <G2570> doing <G4160> <G5723>: for <G1063> in due <G2398> season <G2540> we shall reap <G2325> <G5692>, if we faint <G1590> <G5746> not <G3361>.
As <G5613> we have <G2192> <G5719> therefore <G0686> <G3767> opportunity <G2540>, let us do <G2038> <G5741> good <G0018> unto <G4314> all <G3956> [men], especially <G1161> <G3122> unto <G4314> them who are of the household <G3609> of faith <G4102>.
Ye see <G1492> <G5628> how large <G4080> a letter <G1121> I have written <G1125> <G5656> unto you <G5213> with mine own <G1699> hand <G5495>.
As many as <G3745> desire <G2309> <G5719> to make a fair shew <G2146> <G5658> in <G1722> the flesh <G4561>, they <G3778> constrain <G0315> <G5719> you <G5209> to be circumcised <G4059> <G5745>; only <G3440> lest <G3363> they should suffer persecution <G1377> <G5747> for the cross <G4716> of Christ <G5547>.
For <G1063> neither <G3761> they themselves <G0846> who are circumcised <G4059> <G5746> keep <G5442> <G5719> the law <G3551>; but <G0235> desire <G2309> <G5719> to have <G4059> <G0000> you <G5209> circumcised <G4059> <G5745>, that <G2443> they may glory <G2744> <G5667> in <G1722> your <G5212> flesh <G4561>.
But <G1161> God forbid <G3361> <G1096> <G5636> that I <G1698> should glory <G2744> <G5738>, save <G1508> in <G1722> the cross <G4716> of our <G2257> Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547>, by <G1223> whom <G3739> the world <G2889> is crucified <G4717> <G5769> unto me <G1698>, and I <G2504> unto the world <G2889>.
For <G1063> in <G1722> Christ <G5547> Jesus <G2424> neither <G3777> circumcision <G4061> availeth <G2480> <G5719> any thing <G5100>, nor <G3777> uncircumcision <G0203>, but <G0235> a new <G2537> creature <G2937>.
And <G2532> as many as <G3745> walk <G4748> <G5692> according to <G2583> <G0000> this <G5129> rule <G2583>, peace <G1515> [be] on <G1909> them <G0846>, and <G2532> mercy <G1656>, and <G2532> upon <G1909> the Israel <G2474> of God <G2316>.
From henceforth <G3064> let <G3930> <G0000> no man <G3367> trouble <G3930> <G5720> me <G2873> <G3427>: for <G1063> I <G1473> bear <G0941> <G5719> in <G1722> my <G3450> body <G4983> the marks <G4742> of the Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424>.
Brethren <G0080>, the grace <G5485> of our <G2257> Lord <G2962> Jesus <G2424> Christ <G5547> [be] with <G3326> your <G5216> spirit <G4151>. Amen <G0281>. <The following was added by editors of the KJV:[To <G4314> [the] Galatians <G1052> written <G1125> <G5648> from <G0575> Rome <G4516>>