Hear <H8085> ye this, O priests; <H3548> and hearken, <H7181> ye house <H1004> of Israel; <H3478> and give ye ear, <H0238> O house <H1004> of the king; <H4428> for judgment <H4941> [is] toward you, because ye have been a snare <H6341> on Mizpah, <H4709> and a net <H7568> spread <H6566> upon Tabor. <H8396>
And the revolters <H7846> are profound <H6009> to make slaughter, <H7819> though I [have been] a rebuker <H4148> of them all.
I know <H3045> Ephraim, <H0669> and Israel <H3478> is not hid <H3582> from me: for now, O Ephraim, <H0669> thou committest whoredom, <H2181> [and] Israel <H3478> is defiled. <H2930>
They will not frame <H5414> their doings <H4611> to turn <H7725> unto their God: <H0430> for the spirit <H7307> of whoredoms <H2183> [is] in the midst <H7130> of them, and they have not known <H3045> the LORD. <H3068>
And the pride <H1347> of Israel <H3478> doth testify <H6030> to his face: <H6440> therefore shall Israel <H3478> and Ephraim <H0669> fall <H3782> in their iniquity; <H5771> Judah <H3063> also shall fall <H3782> with them.
They shall go <H3212> with their flocks <H6629> and with their herds <H1241> to seek <H1245> the LORD; <H3068> but they shall not find <H4672> [him]; he hath withdrawn <H2502> himself from them.
They have dealt treacherously <H0898> against the LORD: <H3068> for they have begotten <H3205> strange <H2114> children: <H1121> now shall a month <H2320> devour <H0398> them with their portions. <H2506>
Blow <H8628> ye the cornet <H7782> in Gibeah, <H1390> [and] the trumpet <H2689> in Ramah: <H7414> cry aloud <H7321> [at] Bethaven, <H1007> after <H0310> thee, O Benjamin. <H1144>
Ephraim <H0669> shall be desolate <H8047> in the day <H3117> of rebuke: <H8433> among the tribes <H7626> of Israel <H3478> have I made known <H3045> that which shall surely be. <H0539>
The princes <H8269> of Judah <H3063> were like them that remove <H5253> the bound: <H1366> [therefore] I will pour out <H8210> my wrath <H5678> upon them like water. <H4325>
Ephraim <H0669> [is] oppressed <H6231> [and] broken <H7533> in judgment, <H4941> because he willingly <H2974> walked <H1980> after <H0310> the commandment. <H6673>
Therefore [will] I [be] unto Ephraim <H0669> as a moth, <H6211> and to the house <H1004> of Judah <H3063> as rottenness. <H7538>
When Ephraim <H0669> saw <H7200> his sickness, <H2483> and Judah <H3063> [saw] his wound, <H4205> then went <H3212> Ephraim <H0669> to the Assyrian, <H0804> and sent <H7971> to king <H4428> Jareb: <H3377> <H7378> yet could <H3201> he not heal <H7495> you, nor cure <H1455> you of your wound. <H4205>
For I [will be] unto Ephraim <H0669> as a lion, <H7826> and as a young lion <H3715> to the house <H1004> of Judah: <H3063> I, [even] I, will tear <H2963> and go away; <H3212> I will take away, <H5375> and none shall rescue <H5337> [him].
I will go <H3212> [and] return <H7725> to my place, <H4725> till they acknowledge their offence, <H0816> and seek <H1245> my face: <H6440> in their affliction <H6862> they will seek me early. <H7836>