The word <H1697> of the LORD <H3068> that came to Jeremiah <H3414> concerning <H1697> the dearth. <H1226>
Judah <H3063> mourneth, <H0056> and the gates <H8179> thereof languish; <H0535> they are black <H6937> unto the ground; <H0776> and the cry <H6682> of Jerusalem <H3389> is gone up. <H5927>
And their nobles <H0117> have sent <H7971> their little ones <H6810> to the waters: <H4325> they came <H0935> to the pits, <H1356> <H1360> [and] found <H4672> no water; <H4325> they returned <H7725> with their vessels <H3627> empty; <H7387> they were ashamed <H0954> and confounded, <H3637> and covered <H2645> their heads. <H7218>
Because the ground <H0127> is chapt, <H2865> for there was no rain <H1653> in the earth, <H0776> the plowmen <H0406> were ashamed, <H0954> they covered <H2645> their heads. <H7218>
Yea, the hind <H0365> also calved <H3205> in the field, <H7704> and forsook <H5800> [it], because there was no grass. <H1877>
And the wild asses <H6501> did stand <H5975> in the high places, <H8205> they snuffed up <H7602> the wind <H7307> like dragons; <H8577> their eyes <H5869> did fail, <H3615> because [there was] no grass. <H6212>
O LORD, <H3068> though our iniquities <H5771> testify <H6030> against us, do <H6213> thou [it] for thy name's <H8034> sake: for our backslidings <H4878> are many; <H7231> we have sinned <H2398> against thee.
O the hope <H4723> of Israel, <H3478> the saviour <H3467> thereof in time <H6256> of trouble, <H6869> why shouldest thou be as a stranger <H1616> in the land, <H0776> and as a wayfaring man <H0732> [that] turneth aside <H5186> to tarry for a night? <H3885>
Why shouldest thou be as a man <H0376> astonied, <H1724> as a mighty man <H1368> [that] cannot <H3808> <H3201> save? <H3467> yet thou, O LORD, <H3068> [art] in the midst <H7130> of us, and we are called <H7121> by thy name; <H8034> leave <H3240> us not.
Thus saith <H0559> the LORD <H3068> unto this people, <H5971> Thus have they loved <H0157> to wander, <H5128> they have not refrained <H2820> their feet, <H7272> therefore the LORD <H3068> doth not accept <H7521> them; he will now remember <H2142> their iniquity, <H5771> and visit <H6485> their sins. <H2403>
Then said <H0559> the LORD <H3068> unto me, Pray <H6419> not for this people <H5971> for [their] good. <H2896>
When they fast, <H6684> I will not hear <H8085> their cry; <H7440> and when they offer <H5927> burnt offering <H5930> and an oblation, <H4503> I will not accept <H7521> them: but I will consume <H3615> them by the sword, <H2719> and by the famine, <H7458> and by the pestilence. <H1698>
Then said <H0559> I, Ah, <H0162> Lord <H0136> GOD! <H3069> behold, the prophets <H5030> say <H0559> unto them, Ye shall not see <H7200> the sword, <H2719> neither shall ye have famine; <H7458> but I will give <H5414> you assured <H0571> peace <H7965> in this place. <H4725>
Then the LORD <H3068> said <H0559> unto me, The prophets <H5030> prophesy <H5012> lies <H8267> in my name: <H8034> I sent <H7971> them not, neither have I commanded <H6680> them, neither spake <H1696> unto them: they prophesy <H5012> unto you a false <H8267> vision <H2377> and divination, <H7081> and a thing of nought, <H0434> and the deceit <H8649> of their heart. <H3820>
Therefore thus saith <H0559> the LORD <H3068> concerning the prophets <H5030> that prophesy <H5012> in my name, <H8034> and I sent <H7971> them not, yet they say, <H0559> Sword <H2719> and famine <H7458> shall not be in this land; <H0776> By sword <H2719> and famine <H7458> shall those prophets <H5030> be consumed. <H8552>
And the people <H5971> to whom they prophesy <H5012> shall be cast out <H7993> in the streets <H2351> of Jerusalem <H3389> because <H6440> of the famine <H7458> and the sword; <H2719> and they shall have none to bury <H6912> them, <H1992> them, their wives, <H0802> nor their sons, <H1121> nor their daughters: <H1323> for I will pour <H8210> their wickedness <H7451> upon them.
Therefore thou shalt say <H0559> this word <H1697> unto them; Let mine eyes <H5869> run down <H3381> with tears <H1832> night <H3915> and day, <H3119> and let them not cease: <H1820> for the virgin <H1330> daughter <H1323> of my people <H5971> is broken <H7665> with a great <H1419> breach, <H7667> with a very <H3966> grievous <H2470> blow. <H4347>
If I go forth <H3318> into the field, <H7704> then behold the slain <H2491> with the sword! <H2719> and if I enter <H0935> into the city, <H5892> then behold them that are sick <H8463> with famine! <H7458> yea, both the prophet <H5030> and the priest <H3548> go about <H5503> into a land <H0776> that they know <H3045> not.
Hast thou utterly <H3988> rejected <H3988> Judah? <H3063> hath thy soul <H5315> lothed <H1602> Zion? <H6726> why hast thou smitten <H5221> us, and [there is] no healing <H4832> for us? we looked <H6960> for peace, <H7965> and [there is] no good; <H2896> and for the time <H6256> of healing, <H4832> and behold trouble! <H1205>
We acknowledge, <H3045> O LORD, <H3068> our wickedness, <H7562> [and] the iniquity <H5771> of our fathers: <H0001> for we have sinned <H2398> against thee.
Do not abhor <H5006> [us], for thy name's <H8034> sake, do not disgrace <H5034> the throne <H3678> of thy glory: <H3519> remember, <H2142> break <H6565> not thy covenant <H1285> with us.
Are there <H3426> [any] among the vanities <H1892> of the Gentiles <H1471> that can cause rain? <H1652> or can the heavens <H8064> give <H5414> showers? <H7241> [art] not thou he, O LORD <H3068> our God? <H0430> therefore we will wait <H6960> upon thee: for thou hast made <H6213> all these [things].